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Giordano - Rum Ground Coffee 250gm

Giordano - Rum Ground Coffee 250gm

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 GIORDANO - Made in Italy, imported and ready to enjoy.

Our masterfully crafted beans are expertly infused with the captivating essence of Rum, redefining coffee indulgence. With each sip, the rich and nuanced notes of Rum intertwine seamlessly with the deep coffee profile, delivering a symphony of flavours that pays homage to Italian heritage.

Elevate your coffee ritual and immerse yourself in this exquisite fusion, where the aromatic allure of Rum and the boldness of coffee combine for an unforgettable experience.

40% Robusta 60% Arabica

Coffee is ground and packed in 250gm - perfect for those who enjoy making their coffee with the timeless ritual of the MOKA coffee pot.

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