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Giordano - Armoniosa GOLD Beans 500 gm

Giordano - Armoniosa GOLD Beans 500 gm

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GIORDANO - Made in Italy, imported and ready to enjoy.

Indulge in the zenith of opulence and innovation with GIORDANO's Armoniosa Gold Coffee Bean Blend. A masterpiece meticulously forged from 40% robusta and 60% arabica, it orchestrates an exquisite flavour symphony, graced by a velvety body and a lingering sweet aftertaste. The cream, akin to a canvas of hazelnut hues, unveils robusta's daring and arabica's finesse, painting delicate notes of fruit and bloom.

Elevate your coffee ritual with gold spray, transforming each cup into a gilded artefact. Embark on a journey where tradition and innovation entwine, promising Italy's coffee legacy in an era of unparalleled extravagance.

40% Robusta 60% Arabica


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