About Sala Caffe Co

"Coffee isn’t a drug, it's a vitamin” - Anonymous

Sala Caffe Co, known in English as the Hall Coffee Company, was started in Australia by an Italiano-Anglo family and our love for coffee, food, family, friends, and life.

Having deep family connections in Italy we recognise that coffee can be a deeply social, albeit personal part of your day.

So let's get personal ... Our family has spent a lifetime in healthcare; from vitamins and minerals to medical research; for a number of Australians you may recognize the brand name BioCeuticals, which was started and developed by the same family behind Sala Caffe Co, and then later sold to Blackmores.

The Sala Caffe Co family has always viewed coffee as a superfood with significant known health benefits, so could coffee be enhanced with other superfoods? We think so. With this in mind, we are setting out to bring you coffee with purpose.

Bringing you the best coffee from around the globe that pushes the superfood boundaries, we ensure that we only offer coffee that has been ethically and sustainably grown.

With this in mind, Sala Caffe Co has set out to bring you an offering of various blends and different roasting profiles across three exceptional brands that will take you on a journey and find you the perfect brew.

Either way, you are guaranteed a superb cup of coffee; your biggest question is espresso, press, pod, or cold brew?

So pour yourself a cup, breathe in that unmistakable aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and enjoy your day!


Sala Coffee  - con amore (with love)




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