Do you ship outside of Australia?

Yes, shipping rates are calculated on an individual basis and automatically added to the order, this is a standard service normally via the postal network, please ensure you leave enough time for the parcel to reach its destination.

Can I collect my order from the Sydney Depot?

Unfortunately not, we use a specialised 3rd party warehouse solution, and as such we are bound to their security policies, thus to minimise disruptions, loss, etc, all orders need to be shipped.

Can I track my parcels?

Yes, as soon as the parcel ships a tracking number will be emailed to you.


How should I store my coffee?
Our coffee beans are best stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place (not the fridge or freezer). Your beans worst enemies are air, moisture, heat, and light so be sure to protect them from these factors.

How long will my coffee stay fresh for?
Our coffee beans will stay fresh for up to 12 months in the coffee bag when unopened or in an airtight container. Once opened we find that the beans are best used within 4 weeks to get the best flavour and aroma for your at home coffee experience.

How many coffees will one bag 250g bag make?
It depends on your coffee machine, but you can expect approximately 10-12 cups of coffee from a 250g bag.



Are your beans ethically and sustainably sourced?
Our coffee beans are ethically and sustainably sourced from a variety of locations around the globe.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?
We proudly source products that use environmentally friendly materials for all packaging. 



I am an influencer/personality/promoter/ambassador and would like to work with you, how?

First we are absolutely flattered, thank you for thinking about us. We would love to understand more about you, your messaging and audience. As an introduction, jump onto one of our social media channels and DM us, we promise to respond.

Can I distribute for you?

Again flattered, thank you. We are constantly looking for highly motivated people to work with us. Contact Us and ask for an introduction for distribution.



How can I get in touch with your support team?
Let us know what's on your mind, head to our Contact Us page we would love to hear from you, or shoot us an email directly on hello@salacaffe.co