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Coffee and Mental Health

Because of my background, a number of people have recently asked about coffee and mental health.

Great questions; Can I have it? Will it benefit or hinder? How much can I have?

The best way to approach this conversation is to first recognise caffeine is a stimulant! Pure and simple. Secondly, people will react differently to caffeine, lets loosely refer to this as tolerance.

Published research  tells us that moderate intake (say less than 6 cups a day) has been associated with LESS depressive symptom's, fewer cognitive failures and a lower risk of suicide.

Research has also shown caffeine to exacerbate anxiety disorders - but not in small amounts.

Research aside, if you are an over anxious person talk to your doctor; otherwise enjoy in moderation and realise that a cup of coffee probably has more health benefits than you know.,a%20safe%20amount%20for%20you.

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