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Fully Imported Italian Made Coffee in Nespresso-compatible pods.

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Nespresso compatible pods

Elevate your tea and coffee rituals with the captivating flavours of Caffè Ottavo! Our Nespresso-compatible pods redefine convenience, simplicity, and elegance, encapsulating the essence of Southern Italian coffee. Since their introduction to the SALA Brand, the response has been extraordinary, particularly from Sydney and Melbourne's boating communities, where our coffee reigns supreme on board Nespresso machines.

But there's more to explore – have you delved into our Te@Espresso teapods? Offering a unique way to savour full-flavored tea leaves with the same convenience as coffee, they redefine tea enjoyment.

Indulge in our exclusive offer: buy a sleeve of Caffè Ottavo coffee pods and receive a complimentary Te@Espresso Teapods sleeve – a fantastic 1-for-1 deal! Enjoy an extra perk of free shipping on orders over AU$100. For global coffee enthusiasts, we ship to the UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, and beyond.

FYI, just a quick heads up - once you try our coffee, you will be hooked! But please understand that this is a limited offer, it can't be combined with other offers and only while stocks last.