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Just in time for summer – coffee that promotes weight loss.

Yes, green coffee beans, recognised for their weight loss benefits, are also known for improving insulin resistance, and blood pressure.

In an article published by Kalkinemedia Sept 2023, Dr Hall cited Dr Oz was correct, and whilst this was back in 2012, more recent studies and literature reviews show significant improvements in cholesterol, fasting glucose, fasting insulin, blood pressure, and weight/body mass index.

Why green coffee beans and not roasted coffee – the science is pointing to the amount of chlorogenic acids, which are mostly destroyed in the roasting process. It is these chlorogenic acids, which are a group of antioxidant compounds that are believed to confer health benefits.

Medical News Today and Healthline attribute potential health benefits inclusive of anti-inflammatory and reduction in metabolic markers. And whilst no larger long-term placebo trials have been published, smaller studies (as an example n=50 over 8 weeks) demonstrated significant improvements in weight reduction, blood pressure, and fasting blood against the control group.

As a population, we continue to battle weight, blood pressure, and diabetic and pre-diabetic blood levels. High cholesterol for many is a norm…. old drugs, new drugs, different gym routine, another diet… the problem is not diminishing, it's not getting better.

It's time to rethink foods. Green coffee bean is a superfood.




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