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Coffee .. Did you know?

We all know our beloved coffee is a stimulant, yep a zinger, kick-starter, a cup of “joe”  to fire up and focus your day.

And we know too much coffee is not a good thing, right? Jitters, insomnia, irritability, maybe a heart murmur, probable signs that you have or are over indulging.

But people, life is about balance, excessive consumption of anything is not good; so we need to find that balance so we can function, and if smart do things to help enhance that function.

And it's right here why so many people love their coffee; energy! And with good reason, studies have been conducted looking at the effects of caffeine on athletes, and there is 1 famed cyclist study that showed a 12% increase in time to exhaustion associated with caffeine intake. Another looked at golfers and demonstrated improved performance and reduction of fatigue.

Healthline outlines 7 health benefits associated with regular [not excessive] consumption of coffee:

  1. May be linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.
  2. Could support brain health. 
  3. May promote weight management. 
  4. Linked to a lower risk of depression. 
  5. Could protect against liver conditions. 
  6. Supports heart health. 
  7. Could increase longevity.


In efforts to understand “balance” Harvard, School of Public Health have argued that 50-300 mg of caffeine is in the low to moderate range is associated with those health benefits mentioned above. Beyond this, Harvard argues are where we expect to see some of those negative caffeine attributes.


So how many coffees is that?


Good question, and remember this is general information due to the variability of the bean, grind and brew.


So think this way, an 8 ounce or 230mL  coffee is about 80-100 mg of caffeine. Remember other beverages contain caffeine, so that green or black tea is about 30-50 mg of caffeine. That 12 ounce or 350mL coke beverage is 34 mg and diet coke is 46 mg.


Now for you guys who are looking for a number; the math suggests 3 coffees a day - oh and by the way, I am in trouble…. 




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